Mar 29

Mission & Vision


The vision of WFP is an engendered society that treats women who live and work on farms with dignity and respect in accordance with the constitutional rights guaranteed to all South African citizens.

We envisage a society where:
• Equality, respect and dignity are afforded to all women within the economic, social and political institutions, as well as in the community and home.
• Women play a leading role in sustainable agricultural production and are ensured of access to secure agricultural employment, food, land and housing, while preserving the natural environment for future generations.
• Access to affordable basic services such as water, health and electricity are assured and rural women are active in securing these services.
• Women lead the restoration of the social fabric of rural and agricultural communities so that respect, tolerance and accountability prevail.

Our vision is of an alternative South African rural landscape in which women play active leadership roles within family, community, labour, economic and government structures.


WFP strives to strengthen the capacity of women who live and work on farms to claim their rights and fulfil their needs.

We do this through socio-economic rights-based and gender education, advocacy and lobbying, case work and support for the building of social movements of farmwomen.

We promote self-reliance, accountability and sustainability of organisations so that women organise themselves, speak for themselves and mobilise resources to support their needs and dreams.

We believe that self-organisation counteracts the marginalisation, abuse and vulnerability experienced by women in the workplace, home and farming community and ensures their leading role in accessing services and securing employment, land and housing.

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