Jun 05

Workers Day

maydayOn Saturday, 4 May, 180 women farm workers from across the Cape Winelands District Municipality gathered in Wolseley to celebrate Workers' Day. Women reflected on the impact of the strike and the implementation of the new minimum wage. Women shared their experiences of the backlash by farmers which include: farm worker dismissals; reducing number of seasonal workers; reducing workers' working hours; increasing farm worker rents, etc. It also emerged that some farmers are not paying the new minimum wage. Many farmers are telling their workers that they have been granted the minimum wage exemption, even though they do not have exemption. Because the exemptions which have been granted are not in the public domain, workers have no way of knowing whether their employers have been granted exemption. WFP is lobbying for the public disclosure of the legal exemptions. WFP is also currently undertaking research into the 2012 strike, especially the role and impacts on women farm workers.

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