Oct 27

World Food Day and International Rural Women's Day 2015

Women on Farms Project celebrated World Food Day and International Rural Women's day on 17 October with an event which brought together rural women from 12 different areas in the Western Cape. This year's focus was on the importance and demand for access to land for farmwomen to cultivate their own produce. This year, women demanded “Land for Food” and “One Woman, One Hectare!”

Women’s demand for land for food!

During the day, speakers were invited to guide discussions with the farmwomen around different topics. The first session addressed the impact of climate change on rural women's lives, including the shortening of the agricultural working season and food insecurity. The second discussion focused on food sovereignty as an alternative to the unjust food system, while the last was a dialogue on women's Right to Food, access to land and the impact on their livelihoods. As part of all three sessions, farmwomen shared their personal experiences, stories and motivational messages, vowing to amplify and advance their struggles for land to grow food.

Display of spinach and indigenous seeds captured

As a means of celebrating their cultural culinary practices, some women did cooking demonstrations. This was a chance for women to exchange cooking methods and recipes and taste traditional South African meals. Women with food gardens and the mushroom cooperative also showcased their products and seeds, as well as various products made from their fruit and vegetables, including jams, caramelized figs and pickled vegetables. Community dance groups, including the youth, provided various traditional dances.

Aunty Betty prepares “curry bunnies”

 Youth group from De Doorns contribute to the day’s entertainment

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