Land Programme

The aim of the Land and Housing Programme is to “Strengthen women’s constitutional rights to land and housing and promoting tenure security for women living on farms”

This is done through education, advocacy and lobbying to increase knowledge, consciousness and confidence of farm women with regard to their rights within the law and the realisation of those rights, and providing training to build women’s leadership capacity. The overall goal is to secure land access and tenure security for women increases women’s socio-economic status and decreases their dependence on male farmers and partners. It is WFPs vision to see an alternative agrarian landscape that is not concentrated on industrial commercial agriculture and linked to unequal landholding patterns. Farmwomen’s voices and needs are placed at the centre of land and housing programme. Through extensive engagements with women, it is clear that the majority of women want access to enough productive land to enable them to generate livelihoods as small-scale farmers and have secure and dignified tenure and housing. WFP provides women with training in agro-ecological food production, which offers an alternative and sustainable model of farming which contrasts with the dominant, water-intensive, pesticide-intensive, capital-intensive model of industrialised agriculture which is practiced by the majority of commercial farmers in South Africa. ReadMore

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